How To Win Over Talent – And Retain It – In A Modern Hiring Environment

How To Win Over Talent – And Retain It – In A Modern Hiring Environment

People should always be the focal point of your recruitment efforts. The need to attract and retain talent in a modern market will show an increase in competition. Organizations that want to win over and retain talented employees need to develop a distinct employment brand and nurture a strong company culture. These elements have never been more critical as employees seek opportunities with companies that they feel align with their personal and professional goals, as well as their values and personal preferences.

These 6 practices should assist in attracting and retaining top talent in the modern hiring environment:

  • Get your employer brand right

Seventy-five percent of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for an available position.

Needless to say, it is vital to build and maintain a reputation as a top employer in the eyes of potential hires – so ensure that your employment efforts tell the story you want them to. Your employer brand is your ultimate sales pitch. It helps sell your employee value proposition to potential (and current) employees.

A brand can be built by numerous elements, but a good place to start would be by making sure that your website; social media; professional networks; third-party reviews; employee testimonials and awards or certifications are readily available and aligned with your brand and plan. Be sure to identify your company values, what, elaborate on how your company is unique, and reassuring that the organization is rewarding and pleasant one to work for.

  • Focus on culture

 It is paramount to highlight the importance of company culture from the onset, and to ensure that all stakeholders of the company value it’s culture and employee retention throughout their time at the company. Bringing up these elements often is a great way to illustrate their importance and keep them top of mind for everyone.

But what should you focus on, when it comes to company culture, to ensure that your message is communicated and received effectively?

The three most significant drivers of employee satisfaction are: a clear mission, high-quality senior leadership and relative, realistic career opportunities.

  • Prioritize training and growth

The modern workforce is made up of people who commit to a company or organization generally have high expectations for continuous learning and development. Companies that recognize areas for growth and provide opportunity to their employees are seen as more attractive options to potential hires. These are candidates who want to grow with the organization – which are great candidates to have.

Developing a strategy that incorporates learning and development strategies for both new and current employees will not only help you stay ahead of your future hiring needs, but will also attract skilled, growth-driven candidates who show promise of long-term commitment to the organization.

  • Focus on the experience 

Every interaction that a potential employee has with your organization is an experience, and you can influence how that experience is shaped. Convincing someone to commit to your organization as an employee takes a real human touch – potential employees need to feel like they have a human connection with the organization that they can relate to, trust, and grow with.

Even if you choose not to hire someone now, treating candidates well and keeping in touch with them can prove valuable as the organization’s hiring needs change over time – not to mention, positive word-of-mouth advertising from happy candidates can act as a huge benefit to the hiring process

  • Amplify your recruitment efforts

 It’s always a good idea to partner with a recruitment agency that understands your organization and the employer brand that you are wanting to create and maintain. A recruitment agency will take care of most of the legwork of the hiring process, which frees your organizational employees up to focus on the brand.

It may also be useful to get employees involved. They have the potential to be your best recruiters and can expand your talent pool just by word-of-mouth or sharing the job postings.

  • Don’t give up on the office

Modern recruitment statistics prove that flexibility and the ability to work remotely are top drivers for recruitment and employee retention.

However, with a shift towards more knowledge-based positions, the option to work in the same room as your co-workers is becoming more important, not less. Working together helps employees build trust and community, collaborate, and socialize, as well as provides infrastructure and support. Not to mention, working together helps to build morale and instill the company culture that is so important to your organization. Top employers are finding that the most effective work environment is a blend of remote and office work.

Keeping these 6 practices top-of-mind and incorporating them into a holistic recruitment strategy will amplify your chances of winning over and retaining top-talent in a modern hiring environment.

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