Why Businesses Are Choosing to Outsource Their Recruitment?

Why Businesses Are Choosing to Outsource Their Recruitment?

Recruiting new employees and searching for the right one can require a lot of time and resources from your recruitment team. Have you considered whether your team’s time and expertise are best spent on recruitment strategies, or whether they should instead be fully engaged in leading your business? This is where outsourcing your recruitment can be greatly beneficial to your team and your business.

Here are a few reasons why outsourcing your recruitment can be a good idea:

1. Free up time to focus on business
Outsourcing recruitment gives your team the opportunity to shift their focus to other business-oriented tasks that could be important to the running of the company. By leaving recruiting to the recruiter, you’re able to focus solely on business growth.

2. Improve the quality of your hires
Recruitment can be a difficult and time-consuming task to accomplish internally. Building a successful recruitment team and strategy takes a lot of time, training, and trial and error. Finding the right recruitment agency to outsource recruitment to can help you reach better results, faster. An established firm can offer a wealth of accumulated talent acquisition knowledge, new technologies, and dedicated groups of experienced professionals. They know what qualities to look for and exactly where to find an ideal candidate, as well as how to approach candidates, how to manage the employment process, and more. More often than not, HR teams find that recruitment firms tend to speed up the process and improve the quality of hires.

3. Reduce company costs
As the cost of business rises, so does the cost of recruiting and hiring. It’s more important than ever to ensure that budgets are being spent wisely and are yielding results. Entrusting recruitment responsibilities to your HR team or employees who have additional job responsibilities to perform, is unlikely to produce the best results and could end up being much more costly in the long run.

From the labour required, to advertising and marketing positions and conducting background screening, the necessary costs of recruiting can accumulate quite quickly. Using a professional recruitment agency means entrusting these costs with professionals who are dedicated to your recruitment needs, and have the experience needed to avoid costly trial and error activities.

Outsourcing recruitment can also save internal staffing costs, as well as reducing the chance of losing money to chasing dead leads or making a bad hire.

Finding the right recruitment process for your business is vital, and can quickly become overwhelming. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of each decision and to make sure that you partner with a recruitment firm that values your business success as much as you do.

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Is Your Business Tech Accessible To All Employees?

Is Your Business Tech Accessible To All Employees?

The area of remote and hybrid work opportunities is officially here! Today’s company team members can literally work from anywhere in the world with a strong and effective internet connection, but only if their business leaders provide or empower them with the correct tools. As the ‘’work-from-home revolution continues, leaders must ensure their business technology isn’t just secure, easy, and simple to use, but for the most part accessible too.

As research is shown, there’s a significant improvement in the way some companies respond to their employees and teams all requiring different needs. The pandemic has pushed companies to plan and think more carefully about the accessibility of their technology and tools.

So, let us ask the question. How does your company measure up?

Is your technology on the level and standard in which it should be, or are you struggling to be fully inclusive with your new range of tools?



The first step in ensuring your tech is accessible for everyone is understanding what that really means. In the digital world, accessibility is mostly defined by enabling anyone to use software or hardware for a certain purpose.

For example, whilst in a video conference, companies might use automatic transcription to ensure that people with listening difficulties can still participate in the conversation. When working with new and improved technology it requires training, companies, and employees will need to make sure they tailor to the needs of team members who might have disabilities. You need to think about the tools that your employees use each and many of those tools will be still accessible.

Things that you may still need to consider:

  1. People with learning difficulties and training options for remote working
  2. People who are visually impaired and how employees can be assisted when using tech-like apps and software.
  3. Employees who have mobility issues and how these can be overcome with things like voice assistants during work.

Your best way forward is to account for a variety of different needs.



In order to fix and adapt your technology to make it more accessible to employees you can start working with professionals to overcome certain problems and issues. Developers can work with you on specialist solutions intended to help those with specific requirements.  Sometimes the simplest change can make the biggest difference. You don’t want to drive away excellent talent from your company because the tools you are using haven’t taken their needs into account yet.



Often, the easiest way to ensure that your technology remains as accessible as much as possible for each of your team members is to listen to their advice and feedback. Your employees will always be able to provide good feedback and guidance on the usability problems they often encounter with your apps and tools. Empowering your employees with opportunities to have a say on the kind of technology they choose and use will improve engagement, boost productivity and enhance employee retention within the workplace.



In summary, you will need to build your solutions with the needs of your employees in mind, and they’ll reward you with quality and excellent work!


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