5 Tips to Shine in The Eyes of Your Recruiter

5 Tips to Shine in The Eyes of Your Recruiter

Looking for a new job is full of challenges and a struggle of its own but your ultimate goal is to make yourself stand out to recruiters. Even the most technically qualified candidate still has to impress a recruiter who is likely already inundated with nearly the same or even identical resumes that they have to swift through.

If you’re a candidate who’s currently on the search for a job, be sure to keep reading the seven tips to help catch the eye of executive recruiters.

Make Sure You Do Your Home Work and Be Prepared:

Make sure you show recruiters that you understand the company, its history and the job position you are currently applying for. Recruiters are likelier to hire someone who shows they’re not just interested in a job but a career.

Show Off Your Personality:

You are more than just your resume so you need to communicate it or in fact show it off! The best recruiters seriously consider personality when hiring, so let yours shine. The best recruiters seriously consider personality when hiring, so let yours shine. This means being relaxed during your interview, showing enthusiasm and communicating your ideas, successes, skills, talents and goals. This also means providing links to your portfolio and social media profiles. Be upfront with all the information that the recruitment team is currently looking for. That statement should go hand in hand with you cleaning up your social media profiles before sharing them with recruiters.

Have a Can-Do Project Attitude:

You can have all the qualifications in the world but would all mean nothing with a bad attitude. In your cover letter, in your correspondence, and in your interview with your recruiter, project all the positivity and enthusiasm for the position and the company you’re applying to. Remember, attitudes are contagious and a healthy dose of passion, motivation and enthusiasm can really be noticed when recruiters are comparing and choosing candidates to do the job.

Have A Real Conversation:

Don’t use your resume and cover letter as a script during your interview. Have a real conversation with your recruiter. Be professional, communicate your skills and experience and most importantly have a genuine conversation with your recruiter, there’s no need to list or bullet off your resume and cover letter – the recruiter has already read both of them. Show of your personality by sharing a real conversation with them.

Make Sure You Ask Questions Beyond Salary and Benefit Details:

You need to prove to your recruiter that you’re not interested in a job, but the job that they’re hiring for. Certainly be prepared to discuss salary and benefits (remember, to do you all your homework) but focusing too narrowly on those topics suggest to a recruiter that you’re not interested in the actual job just on monetary. Recruiters want to hire someone who is interested in the company, it’s deliverables and you will gain a better understating if the position is a good fit for you.

You have the experience, give yourself the edge and use these tips to help you shine. If you’re searching for unique talent, contact our recruitment staff today.


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