6 Values To Focus On When Attracting New Talent

6 Values To Focus On When Attracting New Talent

Are you struggling to find the right candidates?

There are many reasons for this, so it is more important than ever to stand out from your hiring competition. One of the best ways to do this is by understanding what motivates candidates and making sure that your recruitment brand and messages communicate what your candidates are looking for. The pandemic has changed the way that job seekers are looking for jobs – and what they focus on when scanning through vacancies.

In 2022, higher salaries alone are simply not enough. Quality applicants are assessing each company according to six core values. Businesses that can show candidates, that they truly care and are able to provide a working environment that is comfortable yet stimulating, will gain a competitive advantage.

Candidates focus on these core values, to judge potential employers:


Have you made it clear that your business cares for its employees? What is your workplace culture like? Do your company and employee benefits express a deep understanding of what your employees really value?


Does your work environment cultivate an interest in employee wellbeing by offering a stimulating, innovative space that is tailored to comfort and growth? How does what you do add value to society?


Does your culture and working environment promote teamwork and camaraderie? Do your teams and managers drive cross-departmental collaboration? Does the company promote connection beyond the workplace by hosting social events and family days?


Is your pay competitive? Do your employee benefits offer value? Is there space for individual promotion? What about benefits?


Does your company value and invest in upskilling your employees? How do you recognize achievements, show appreciation, and provide opportunities?


Does the environment encourage employees to comfortably bring ideas to the table in an open forum? Is innovation driven and rewarded? Working environment, employee experience, and employer/employee engagement are all considered to be critical factors for candidates when deciding whether to apply for a position at a new company, so it’s important that your employer brand can clearly and effectively communicate these aspects to new prospects – throughout the entire hiring process and employee lifecycle.

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