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We’re driven by the potential of our candidates and the endless possibilities of our clients. We offer high-quality staffing solutions within the New York and New Jersey tri-state area, for positions from mid through to executive level.

With recruitment expertise in a wide range of industries and professions, we’re guaranteed to find the ideal fit for both the business and the individual. Our industries of expertise include but are not limited to: C-Suite Executives; Finance; IT; Software Development; Marketing; Architecture; Assistants; Administrators and many more.


At Supreme Staffing Group, we believe in people-powered solutions. Our team is passionate about positively improving the lives of the people we work with, both candidates and clients. 

Our team of experts are driven by the limitless possibilities that can be created when an ideal candidate is aligned with an ideal company. Matching potential and expertise with opportunity is what we do best.


Finding the perfect candidate for your business can be a stressful, drawn-out and complex task; but at Supreme Staffing Group, our recruitment experts make hiring simple. 

We work collaboratively with you as our client to ensure that the candidates sent your way are aligned with your business goals, company culture and brand vision. We partner with our clients not just to place the best-suited candidates, but to create some of the most talented and diverse teams across the New York & New Jersey tri-state area. 

With extensive networks throughout the New York & New Jersey tri-state area, combined with a relentless team of passionate professionals, you can rest assured that your hiring is in good hands.


We work with an extensive list of clients within a wide range of industries and professions. When you’re ready to take your career to the next level, our recruitment experts are prepared and eager to assist.

We’re as passionate about your potential as you are, and focus on connecting you with opportunities that suit your skill set, expertise and career goals. Our specialized team aims to find long-term and fulfilling opportunities for our candidates, which means with Supreme Staffing Group you’ll find a career, not simply a job.

The best part?

Our services to candidates are completely free of charge.