Why Management Must Encourage Work-Life Balance in Remote Work Environments

Why Management Must Encourage Work-Life Balance in Remote Work Environments

A solid work-life balance is an essential element of employee well-being. If you’re currently an employer, it’s vital that you should take it into consideration and actively encourage your employees to improve and maintain a healthy work and life balance.
Studies have shown that an imbalance of work and life, can have a serious impact on your employees. In the office, it has been associated with poor workplace performance, reduced productivity, absenteeism, and burnout. But the downsides of poor work-life balance go well beyond the office.
It may cause a range of physical and mental health issues like anxiety, depression, weight gain, and heavy increases in smoking and alcohol consumption. Employees that feel good about ability to balance their work and life are often less stressed, more productive and produce at a higher level.
An individual employee’s work-life balance isn’t something that can be easily tracked on standard performance dashboards within the workplace. That’s why it’s critical for business leaders to pay attention to how their employees are balancing their commitment to work their personal lives. Assisting your employees with workforce balance both work and life can be easier said than done.

The pandemic effects

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit millions of workers they were all forced to work from home, many for the first time in their career, it changed the concept of work-life as we know it. Work and life were previously separated by a commute that seemed to separate the two worlds; the pandemic brought all the work into our homes. Quarantine measures and restrictions also meant that work and personal life became inseparable. Employees and workers were required to live and work, write reports, and raise families, focus, and relax carelessly all under the same roof. This can be tough.
This sudden work-life collision made it more difficult and challenging than ever balancing the two.
Whilst workers loved working from home whilst others hated it and found it very challenging.

So, what does work-life balance look like in a remote or hybrid work environment?
As we continue to live in a pandemic many organizations and employees have noticed that there are many positive results of working remotely and employers it okay to keep them remote indefinitely. Many other organizations are looking to implement flexible or hybrid work models, so they hold onto the structure that remote work brings while maintaining office space.

So, what can employers do to encourage their employers to do the work of balancing?

1. Communicate
The most important thing that employers can do is encourage their staff to build a sustainable work-life balance is to communicate the fact they care about their employees’ well-being. Communicate to their employees to work hard, but not at the expense of their personal life or mental health this is vital.

2. Lead with culture
Culture pervades every corner of the organization. If a company is built around trust, care, recognition, flexibility, and employee wellbeing, than employees are more likely to develop and maintain good healthy habits around work-life balance. If your employees are expected to respond to emails and messages during the evenings and on the weekends and are not encouraged to take earned paid time off (PTO) hours, they are more like to get themselves into a burnout stage which is not a healthy cycle to me in.

3. Create smart policy
Employers can take things a step further by instituting a work-life balance policy. The workplace balance policy can be formal or informal. Set clear and reasonable expectations about when and for how long your team should be working. If you are building a flexible culture that allows employees to work whenever within their time or whenever it suites them or when it’s best for them, make sure you’re not putting them in a work-time box.

4. Use the right tools
Technology has given employees the ability to effectively work remotely from home or wherever, it’s also given employers the tools to track important indicators of employee wellbeing. Time trackers and productivity software can give essential workday insights that help employers understand their team’s workload and empower employees. Seek out the tools that best suit your workforce an implement them across the organization.
The employee’s ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance is an essential factor in determining their productivity. It’s important to keep a good work-life balance.
Employers who understand this concept and take the necessary steps to encourage a healthy work-life balance within their company, will be far more successful in the long run of those who don’t.

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6 Advantages of Hiring Remote Workers in 2022

6 Advantages of Hiring Remote Workers in 2022

According to a recent study on recent remote work statistics in The United States alone, 5 million employees work from home for at least half the week. More employees than ever before have now started working remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic but as more offices begin to reopen, many companies are still unsure about extending remote work opportunities into their business culture. While it’s so easy to understand why more and more employees want to work remotely from now on, many businesses are still not convinced.

In this article, we will explore the six benefits as to why you should be hiring remote workers to work for your company:

1. Reduces Overhead Costs:

Working remotely can reduce over head costs. Rent and offices leases per month, especially in New York can cost an enormous amount of money per month during economic downturns. There are also overhead costs that can add to your monthly expenses such as workers’ compensation insurance, furniture, cleaners and office supplies.

Compensating employees for their working space is unnecessary when they are working remotely.

2. Remote Workers Are More Productive:

Working from home can increase your businesses productivity because your employees are more productive at home. Employees are more focused on their work instead of being disturbed or sidetracked by their fellow employees in the office. Many employees enjoy working remotely and have also mentioned that the flexible schedule and ability to work from any location is the biggest benefit they could possibly get. According to some recent studies working from home can increase productivity by up to 50%.

3. You Can Hire Workers From Anywhere:

Hiring remote employees give you the chance to hire even more talented individuals, from any part of the United States or even globally around the world. Meanwhile, office-based employees are limited to the talent you can source within the local area where your office is located, or you then must pay for relocation expenses which often cost a lot of money. For those companies who are not located in big cities, this means the number of talented individuals you can hire is much lower and you will have a hard time competing for those candidates that enjoy being in the big city.

4. Reduces Costs For Workers:

While you’re getting a huge benefit and savings in remote working for your company, the same goes for your employees. They will save a lot more! They will save on gas, care insurance, maintenance, and food costs.

5. Saves Time For Workers:

Employees have a higher quality of life by cutting out long commutes to and from work every day. 14% of Americans, move just to live closet to their jobs and work. However, it’s not always the best decision as there are many factors to consider, such as extreme rental costs, the closer they are to the big city.

According to recent statics regarding remote working, they state that average remote worker saves between 2 and 5.5 hours a day from not commuting to work or having weekly onsite meetings which makes remote work appealing to a lot of potential employees.

6. Increases Worker Retention:

Having the ability to work from home increases your employee’s retention. The ability to avoid the commute is a big selling point to many current and potential employees.

If you’re interested in hiring the best talent for your organisation remotely – let our recruitment experts here at Supreme Staffing Group, assist you finding the best suited candidate to do the job remotely.

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6 Values To Focus On When Attracting New Talent

6 Values To Focus On When Attracting New Talent

Are you struggling to find the right candidates?

There are many reasons for this, so it is more important than ever to stand out from your hiring competition. One of the best ways to do this is by understanding what motivates candidates and making sure that your recruitment brand and messages communicate what your candidates are looking for. The pandemic has changed the way that job seekers are looking for jobs – and what they focus on when scanning through vacancies.

In 2022, higher salaries alone are simply not enough. Quality applicants are assessing each company according to six core values. Businesses that can show candidates, that they truly care and are able to provide a working environment that is comfortable yet stimulating, will gain a competitive advantage.

Candidates focus on these core values, to judge potential employers:


Have you made it clear that your business cares for its employees? What is your workplace culture like? Do your company and employee benefits express a deep understanding of what your employees really value?


Does your work environment cultivate an interest in employee wellbeing by offering a stimulating, innovative space that is tailored to comfort and growth? How does what you do add value to society?


Does your culture and working environment promote teamwork and camaraderie? Do your teams and managers drive cross-departmental collaboration? Does the company promote connection beyond the workplace by hosting social events and family days?


Is your pay competitive? Do your employee benefits offer value? Is there space for individual promotion? What about benefits?


Does your company value and invest in upskilling your employees? How do you recognize achievements, show appreciation, and provide opportunities?


Does the environment encourage employees to comfortably bring ideas to the table in an open forum? Is innovation driven and rewarded? Working environment, employee experience, and employer/employee engagement are all considered to be critical factors for candidates when deciding whether to apply for a position at a new company, so it’s important that your employer brand can clearly and effectively communicate these aspects to new prospects – throughout the entire hiring process and employee lifecycle.

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Integrating Automation Into Your Business

Integrating Automation Into Your Business

When it comes to automation and the way that computerization will impact the future, there is a great divide in opinions: Some fear that automation will result in mass job loss, whilst others claim that automation will stimulate job creation and fill a gap. New technologies and automation that have already been adopted, show many benefits to both the employees and employers – improving both the employee experience and company productivity. It’s important to understand how and why you should embrace automation in your business operations to improve your employees’ capabilities, and take your company to the next level.

Workflow Automation

Automating workflows is one of the first and most effective ways that automation can have an impact on employment. AUtomated workflows can be used to make and implement decisions and streamline operations automatically, freeing up your employees’ time from performing menial tasks and giving them more time to focus on innovation and optimization.  When it comes to customer service, for example, AI-powered automation tools can answer the most common customer queries, leaving the complex ones to customer service reps. Providing your teams with more time to focus on other business-critical issues, can consequently improve the company’s productivity.

Automation in the recruitment process

The recruitment and hiring processes offer many opportunities for automation and AI to improve and optimize processes and results.Automating menial tasks allows HR professionals to make smarter hiring decisions; as well as save time and energy for more business-critical issues. These tools can, for example, be used to instantly screen and analyze applicants and documentation to determine whether the candidates are an ideal match for the specified position. It’s important to note that, while saving your HR team’s resources, these tools can also make a significant difference to your candidate experience, providing them with a more streamlined, informative and optimized introduction to the company.  

Automation for employee onboarding

Employee onboarding can significantly improve a company’s performance. Automation in this space can be used to increase employee engagement and retention, as well as decrease operational costs, and help eliminate an element of human error. With the right set of automation tools, companies can now easily share essential knowledge and check the new employees’ learning improvement. This way, HR professionals can save time filling out and recording survey results, employee sentiments and checking in, and more time providing additional support to the employees who need it most. 

Automation and skills training

Automation tools can also prove useful to current employees who need to advance some of their skills, and in turn help them to achieve their goals. Certain types of automation tools can be used in the training and upskilling process to test employees’ skills and advance them. These tools will be able to reach out more proactively and frequently to employees, and provide management teams with feedback on their training performance and suggestions for further improvement. Implementing new technology and automation in your business operations can be a daunting but necessary task. It’s useful to keep the key benefits of automation in mind when driving adoption throughout any business:  Using automation in your day-to-day business processes, you can boost your employees’ engagement and overall experience and improve your business efficiency, results and success!

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LinkedIn Tips to Help Business Owners to Stand Out

LinkedIn Tips to Help Business Owners to Stand Out

As a business owner, improving your visibility on LinkedIn is not only important for your personal brand, but for the reputation of your b business as well.

It’s not uncommon for current or potential employees to investigate businesses online – including who works there, the management team and how the business’s culture and credibility are expressed through it’s employees, management and owners.

LinkedIn is home to the biggest network of trained professionals and is a great space to communicate some important elements about you and your business. Let’s glance through a few LinkedIn profile tips for business owners:

Make yourself public:

The first step to making your profile seen on LinkedIn is giving the public permission to view your profile. LinkedIn allows you to choose levels of privacy so that you can decide what people see or do not see (depending on whether or not you have connected with them).

When you’re fully visible on LinkedIn and on internet searches, then you’re maximizing your potential reach with interested candidates. To make your profile public, visit your profile settings in LinkedIn.

Include a Business URL:

In order to grow and expand your business, LinkedIn gives business owners the opportunity to assign a URL (which makes use of numeric code) to their profile. This can be done by visiting the settings section of your profile and clicking on public profile, which allows you to use your company name in your URL. This is an effective way to highlight your business and ensure that your profile is included in internet searches related to your business as well.

Start building a network: 

As a business owner, you’re likely no stranger to networking. Whilst networking on social platforms like LinkedIn can be a bit different, its still an incredibly effective way of being seen and heard by the right people.

There are two key methods of networking on LinkedIn:

Syncing Contacts: When you first create your profile, LinkedIn will ask if you’d like to sync your contacts. This allows LinkedIn to access contacts from your email accounts and matching email addresses with existing LinkedIn users, so identify people that you might already know on the platform.

Sending Connection Requests: You can also manually send connection requests to other users on LinkedIn. Whilst this can become slightly laborious and time-consuming, its a great way to ensure that you’re connecting with quality, like-minded individuals online.

LinkedIn is an ever-evolving platform full of like-minded professionals. The opportunity and potential using LinkedIn is limited only to the time and resources that you have to put into optimizing your profile and your online interactions.


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