After all your efforts towards employment, there’s one more hurdle to jump (and arguably the most important) – the interview. Your credentials have taken you this far but now your personality can take you even further. The job interview allows you to bring your CV to life. Here’s some simple tips and tricks to get you through your interview and create a lasting impression:

Let your research be the foundation
This should’ve been your very first step when applying for the job. Now that you’ve secured an interview, reach out to existing employees to find out what the office/workspace is like. From a general conversation, you’ll be able to gage the atmosphere, working environment, company culture and values.

Dress the part
Whether you’re going into corporate or agency, there are certain standards to uphold. Take pride in the way you look – the basics like ironing your clothes, looking clean and still showing your personal creativity through self-expression really goes a long way.

Punctuality is key
Upon receiving your interview details, you should take the time to plan your route from home to your interview location. Take traffic into consideration and factor in any variables that could affect your travel time. Arrive at your interview 5-10 minutes ahead of time. This will also allow you to start your interview on a strong foot – cool, calm and collected as opposed to running in late and feeling frazzled. Arriving on time not only shows your respect for other people’s time but also assists in making a good impression on your first meet and greet with your potential future employer.

Offline and present
Whilst our mobile devices have somewhat become an extension of our hands, switching your phone on silent during your interview is not enough. Should you receive a call or text message, your phone still lights up and from the corner of your eye, it grabs your attention – losing eye contact and often distracting you altogether from the conversation you’re engaged in. The best is putting your phone completely off and leaving it in your pocket or bag, showing you’re present in your interview.

Body language speaks volumes
There are many little habits you can pick up over the years. Even more so, these become more obvious to the person you’re engaging with when you’re in a stressful situation. Take a deep breath before going into your interview and be yourself. Instead of thinking of your interview as an interrogation, see it as a conversation. Your posture, the way you walk into the room, fidgeting or shaking your leg under the table say a lot about your confidence and energy. Be mindful of your facial expressions – eye rolls, sighs, avoiding eye contact or playing with your mouth can make you seem unsure of yourself.

Any questions?
More often than not, the interviewer will present you with the opportunity to ask any questions at the very end of the interview. Don’t be afraid to make use of this opportunity – iron out any uncertainties you might have.

Finish strong
As the final questions come to an end, remember that you aren’t done yet. There are still formalities in wrapping up the interview – such as asking your interviewer what the next steps are regarding your application, thanking your interviewer for their time and ending with a firm handshake. End your interview with the same, strong energy you started with.

Now that you have our tips and tricks, go forth and conquer your big interview day. You’ve got this!

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