At the end of your job interview, when the tables are turned and the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions?” grab this opportunity with both hands.

Remember, an interview is about you assessing the employer just as much as they’re assessing you because you need to find out if the job would be a great fit for both parties. Asking questions during a job interview is the best way to determine if you could add value to the company and if the company could add value to you in return.

It’s important to do your research beforehand and prepare a few questions that will help you gain a clear understanding of the company procedures, culture, and expectations.

Deciding what questions to ask depends on what has already been discussed during the interview, as well as your personal goals and preferences. Here are some interview questions to inspire your preparation:

1. What is the purpose of this role?

What service does this role provide to the organization? How does this role add value to the company and help to achieve its goals?

2. What is the history of this position?

What happened to the person who previously held this position? Was he or she promoted or transferred? Perhaps the position you’re interviewing for has just been created to support company growth. If so, who handled the responsibilities of this role up to this point?

3. How would your success be measured, and what could you do to exceed expectations?

Is there an employee performance review process? What expectations would be set for this role? What does excellence look like in this role and within the organization?

4. What opportunities will you have to learn and grow

Great companies want employees who are dedicated to their own personal and professional growth. Let your hiring manager know that continuous growth and development are important to you.

5. Do you have sufficient tools and resources to do your job well?

What challenges does your hiring manager face when doing his or her job? If your managers are experiencing time, budget and resource constraints, this will affect you.

6. What is the culture of the company?

Find out what it’s like to work at this particular organization. What is the work environment like and how do people relate to each other within the company? The best job in the world can quickly turn into the worst job in the world if the company culture doesn’t align with your work-style.

7. What are the company’s short and long-term goals?

Are the company’s goals in line with your personal career goals? Would these goals provide avenues for opportunity and growth for you? How could your potential position in the company help to add value, achieve company goals and help differentiate from competitors?

8. What are the next interview steps?

A great way to end off your interview by showing that you’re interested in asking what you can expect from this point? When can you expect to hear back from your hiring manager?

With these questions, you should be well prepared to confidently ask all those daunting questions during an interview!

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