When it comes to automation and the way that computerization will impact the future, there is a great divide in opinions: Some fear that automation will result in mass job loss, whilst others claim that automation will stimulate job creation and fill a gap. New technologies and automation that have already been adopted, show many benefits to both the employees and employers – improving both the employee experience and company productivity. It’s important to understand how and why you should embrace automation in your business operations to improve your employees’ capabilities, and take your company to the next level.

Workflow Automation

Automating workflows is one of the first and most effective ways that automation can have an impact on employment. AUtomated workflows can be used to make and implement decisions and streamline operations automatically, freeing up your employees’ time from performing menial tasks and giving them more time to focus on innovation and optimization.  When it comes to customer service, for example, AI-powered automation tools can answer the most common customer queries, leaving the complex ones to customer service reps. Providing your teams with more time to focus on other business-critical issues, can consequently improve the company’s productivity.

Automation in the recruitment process

The recruitment and hiring processes offer many opportunities for automation and AI to improve and optimize processes and results.Automating menial tasks allows HR professionals to make smarter hiring decisions; as well as save time and energy for more business-critical issues. These tools can, for example, be used to instantly screen and analyze applicants and documentation to determine whether the candidates are an ideal match for the specified position. It’s important to note that, while saving your HR team’s resources, these tools can also make a significant difference to your candidate experience, providing them with a more streamlined, informative and optimized introduction to the company.  

Automation for employee onboarding

Employee onboarding can significantly improve a company’s performance. Automation in this space can be used to increase employee engagement and retention, as well as decrease operational costs, and help eliminate an element of human error. With the right set of automation tools, companies can now easily share essential knowledge and check the new employees’ learning improvement. This way, HR professionals can save time filling out and recording survey results, employee sentiments and checking in, and more time providing additional support to the employees who need it most. 

Automation and skills training

Automation tools can also prove useful to current employees who need to advance some of their skills, and in turn help them to achieve their goals. Certain types of automation tools can be used in the training and upskilling process to test employees’ skills and advance them. These tools will be able to reach out more proactively and frequently to employees, and provide management teams with feedback on their training performance and suggestions for further improvement. Implementing new technology and automation in your business operations can be a daunting but necessary task. It’s useful to keep the key benefits of automation in mind when driving adoption throughout any business:  Using automation in your day-to-day business processes, you can boost your employees’ engagement and overall experience and improve your business efficiency, results and success!

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