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Location: Ridgefield Park NJ
Salary: $60K

A manufacturing plant in North New Jersey is seeking a Lead Bagging Operator for their overnight shift.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Ability to provide direction and guidance to staff, as well as handle their own work load.
  • Responsible to report any Product Safety concerns to plant superintendent or Director of Quality Assurance.
  • The operator is responsible for the equipment set up and productivity.
  • Check the job order for a sample, specifications, and tooling requirements. If anything is missing notify the Plant Superintendent or QC. No job is to be run without an order.
  • Confirm that the material supplied matches the order.
  • No product is to be placed directly on the floor.
  • Check the go-ahead sample and give the sample to QC for their approval. Keep it posted by the packing station for a reference.
  • Inspect bags on an ongoing basis to confirm there have been no process changes. Record quality checks on the job check sheet.
  • Document any cause for high scrap or low speeds.
  • Report any mechanical or material problems to the Plant Superintendent and document them on the check sheet.
  • Ensure that a sample is being taken from every box and identified with the job number, box number and date
  • Palletize job per order specification. A slip sheet should be put on the pallet before stacking boxes. Ensure the box number on the label corresponds to the check sheet.
  • Follow protocol if a problem occurs
  • If for any reason the job cannot meet specification stop the run and notify the supervisor. The supervisor will give the disposition to run or change jobs.
  • Assist with change over when needed.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  • The operator must be bi-lingual (English/Spanish)
  • Must have basic reading and math skills.
  • Must be comfortable with the use of touch screen controls.
  • Mechanical and problem-solving abilities are necessary
  • 1 to 3 years’ experience

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